Third meeting of the Society for the Study of Economic Inequality (ECINEQ)


The Third Meeting of the Society for the Study of Economic Inequality (ECINEQ)  has been held in Buenos Aires at the University Torcuato di Tella from July 21 to July 23, 2009.

The ECINEQ conference provides a forum for a rigorous analysis of inequality, welfare and redistribution issues, both at the theoretical and at the empirical level, as well as for a discussion of the policy implications of the research findings in this field.

ECINEQ aims at achieving high scholarly standards in both the selection of topics and their debates, whether they concern theoretical issues, empirical analyses or the implementation of policies.

Invited Talks:

François Bourguignon (Paris School of Economics) "State capacity building in elite-dominated societies"

François Maniquet  (Université Catholique de Louvain-la-Neuve and University of Warwick) "Fairness, Inequality and Social Welfare"

Gary Fields (Cornell University) "Earnings Mobility in Developing Countries"