Atkinson Prize

In 2017 ECINEQ has decided to institute a prize in memory of the immense contribution of Tony Atkinson to our subject. 

Two awards of the prize will be made every two years to the authors of high-quality articles published in the Journal of Economic Inequality; the winners of the awards will be announced at the biennial meeting of ECINEQ, starting from the ECINEQ Meeting held in 2019.

2019 Edition


How to measure and proxy permanent income: evidence form Germany and US by David Brady, Marco Giesselman, Ultich, Kohler Anke Radenacker.

Survey mode effects on measured income inequality by Pirmin Fessler, Maximilian Kasy, Peter Lindner.

Honourable Mentions

One size doesn’t fit all: Quantile analysis and intergenerational income mobility in the US by Juan C. Palomino, Gustavo A. Marrero, Juan G. Rodriguez.

How does inequality aversion affect inequality and redistribution? by Matthew N. Murray, Langchuan Peng, Rudy Santore.