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Postdoc fellowships – University of Verona

Postdoc Fellowships
University of Verona, Italy


The Department of Economics, University of Verona is hiring 2 new postdocs in Economics (Assegno di Ricerca, 2 years) within the framework of the Italian National Research Programme 2021-2027.

We are looking for three young scholars holding a PhD in Economics or related disciplines, strongly oriented towards empirical research in the fields of welfare economics, labour economics, economics of education, household economics, applied economics. All positions need to be filled within December 2021. More details and deadlines are provided below.

The Post-Docs will be cooperating with the team at the University of Verona to develop the research design of the project “The effects of poverty on child well-being and opportunities: new measures and causal evaluations of pre-school interventions (PovChild).” PovChild seeks to use innovative survey, administrative and primary data to investigate questions such as: What are the most relevant dimensions of poverty between families, within families and between individuals? What new dimensions of inequality and poverty emerged during and after the COVID-19 crisis? What practices and actions can reduce the incidence of the most extreme poverty? Does greater poverty in the family imply greater individual poverty and less well-being of children? Does expanding participation in pre-school education activities favor the social inclusion of future generations?

Deadline for applications: November 8, 2021, 12.00 p.m. (CEST).
More information are available here.