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Call for papers: WIDERE-UNIANDES joint conference

Call for papers
WIDER-UNIANDES Joint Development Conference
“Reducing Inequality – The Great Challenge of Our Time”
5-7 October 2022, Bogota


The WIDER Development Conference organized in partnership with Universidad de los Andes (UNIANDES) will take place in Bogotá, Colombia, on 5-7 October 2022. The three-day conference will bring together specialists from around the world to discuss the latest research on inequality in a broad sense, including inequalities that affect individuals or population groups across many dimensions of wellbeing (income, labour market outcomes, education, health, etc.).

The conference will provide a forum to discuss innovative, theoretical, and empirical research and its policy take-aways. It will consist of plenary sessions, two keynote speakers (Raquel Fernández, New York University, and Chico Ferreira, London School of Economics), and the WIDER Annual Lecture 26, delivered by Daren Acemoğlu.

UNU-WIDER seeks paper submissions for the 2022 WIDER Development Conference on reducing inequality. Paper submissions on the general topic of inequality and progress on SDG10 are welcome, including but not limited to those which explore trends, drivers, consequences in inequalities, methods, data, or policies, inequalities across various dimensions (earnings, income, education, health, subjective wellbeing, etc.), vertical and horizontal inequalities, global inequalities, and inequalities within countries, mainly in developing countries. Papers which explore the links between inequality and other socioeconomic outcomes (conflict, migration, state capactiy, etc.) or between inequality and climate change or COVID-19 are also encouraged.


Deadline for submissions: 31 March, 2022 (23.59 UTC +3).

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