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Call for research proposals – Washington Center for Equitable Growth

Call for research proposals
Washington Center for Equitable Growth


The Washington Center for Equitable Growth is currently accepting applications for funding for research on how economic inequality, particularly wealth inequality, affects the development of human capital and the impacts on the health and stability of the macroeconomy. Areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • How investments in children and families, such as child care and early education programs, lead to long-term economic gains for children, productivity, and economic growth
  • Role of public policies—such as labor market regulations, work support policies, and income support policies—in individual and family well-being, labor force participation, and consumption
  • Identifying policies, place-based programs, and structures, including climate change and structural racism, that affect economic mobility and for whom

Academic letters of inquiry and Dissertation Scholar program applications are due January 23, 2023. Doctoral/postdoctoral proposals are due March 20, 2023.

Visit the 2023 Request for Proposals for information on how to apply and the human capital and well-being section for more details on our funding interests.

More information is available here