28th annual AIES Conference

Call for papers
28th Annual AIES Conference
December 5th-6th, 2023
The Italian Health Economics Association (AIES) is inviting applications to the the 28th annual AIES Conference. The AIES conference is an opportunity for scholars to contribute on a range of topics related to value generation and sustainability in healthcare system that include (but are not limited to the following topics):
• Innovation in healthcare systems
• Social sustainability, aging, formal and informal care
• Inequalities, equity, and health
• Health and the environment
• Digital health
• New organizational, logistics, and service models for healthcare providers
• Health service provision in remote and rural areas
• Integrated health and social care
• New collaborative governance models in healthcare
• Public-private partnership in healthcare systems
• Management, measurement, and evaluation of economic, social, and
environmental performance
• Methods and tools for promoting accountability of healthcare organizations and
• Tools and practices for improving value-based healthcare logic.
• One health
• Operation management and circular economy in healthcare
It is also possible to send contributions on issues not related to the main themes of the conference, which will be discussed in one or more dedicated sessions. Contributions can be theoretical, empirical or policy oriented. They may refer to the areas of health economics, policy, and management.
Keynote speakers:
– Liran Einav, Department of Economics, Stanford University
– Sharon Williams, School of Health and Social Care, Swansea University, United Kingdom
The call for papers (in Italian and English) can be found here.
Deadline for submission: June 30th, 2023.