Thursday, May 30, 2024

Conference Fees

Standard rate (all attendees): 160 Euros.

  • This fee covers (1) access to the online platform that will host the 2021 conference, and (2) a mandatory two-year ECINEQ membership fee.
  • The 2021 conference fee is substantially lower than those for earlier in-person ECINEQ conferences; for example, the fee for the 2019 conference in Paris was 350 € (400 € for late registrants).
  • ECINEQ membership includes a subscription to the Journal of Economic Inequality.
  • To learn more about the benefits of being a member of ECINEQ, please, click here.

Reduced rate (selected PhD students not based in LDCs and LDC-based scholars): 80 Euros.

Researchers from ‘least developed countries’ (as defined by the UN here) and PhD students whose paper has been accepted for presentation during the Ninth ECINEQ Meeting are eligible to apply for the reduced-rate fee of 80 € (covering access to the online conference platform and two-year ECINEQ membership). There is a limited number of reduced-rate fees and they will be awarded following a merit-based assessment. To apply for a reduced-rate fee, please send a request to within seven days of receiving the decision about acceptance, attaching your CV and the latest version of your accepted paper.


To register, please, click here and follow the instructions.