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On Distributional change, Pro-poor growth and Convergence

Working Paper 2015-377


This paper proposes a unified approach to the measurement of distributional change. The framework is used to define indices of inequality, convergence, and pro-poorness of growth and associated equivalent growth rates. A distinction is made between non-anonymous and anonymous measures. The analysis is extended by using the notion of a generalized Gini index. This unified approach is then used to study the link between income and other non-income characteristics, such as education or health. An empirical illustration based on Indian data on infant survival levels in 2001 and 2011 highlights the usefulness of the proposed measures.

Authors: Shatakshee Dhongde, Jacques Silber.

Keywords: beta-convergence, sigma-convergence, Gini index, India, infant mortality, pro-poor growth, relative concentration curve.
JEL: D31, I32, O15.