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Workshop “Nanak Kakwani’s Legacy on the Study of Income Inequality, Poverty, and Tax Progressivity” – online

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Nanak Kakwani’s Legacy on the Study of Income Inequality, Poverty, and Tax Progressivity
28 September 2022, Virtual 


The Journal of Income Distribution is delighted to announce a special issue in honor of Professor Nanak Kakwani’s contribution to the study of income inequality, poverty and tax progressivity.

Professor Nanak Kakwani made important contributions at the theoretical and methodological level and published numerous and careful empirical studies in the field of inequality, poverty and related topics, but also accumulated a vast experience in advising governments and international institutions. His research areas include econometric theory, applied econometrics, applied welfare economics, pro-poor growth, inequality, poverty, progressivity of taxation, standard of living, social protection, price indices, and development economics. He has published more than 100 papers in leading international journals, including nine papers in Econometrica, and six books published by well-known publishers: Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, Palgrave Macmillan, and Edward Elgar.

The Journal of Income Distribution is an international quarterly journal on income distribution, one of the oldest academic journals on the subject. It offers to scholars the opportunity to disseminate their research on the measurement, the causes, and the consequences of income discrepancies.

The launch of the special issue will be accompanied by a webinar with presentations by outstanding scholars in the field of economic inequality and related research areas. The distinguished guest editors of the special issue are Jacques Silber and Hyun Son.

Speakers: Omar F. Hamouda, Jacques Silber, Hyun Son, Stephen Jenkins, Nora Lustig, Gary Fields, Kunal Sen, Francisco H. G. Ferreira, Nanak Kakwani.

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