ECINEQ Working Paper Series

As part of ECINEQ's commitment to improve the interaction between actors in the fields of economics inequality and related areas, we host the ECINEQ Working Paper Series. The aim is to disseminate scientific advances among colleagues and to the society at large.


The Society encourages members to submit their work for publication in ECINEQ WPS.


Please follow these guidelines: Papers should be sent to Paolo Brunori, page size A4, in PDF format. The first page should contain the title of the paper, the name of the authors and their affiliations, Jel codes and keywords. The main text should start in a new page. Abstracts should be no longer than 250 words. ECINEQ WP are also available at EconPapers: and Research Papers in Economics (RePEc/IDEAS)


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544 Richard V Burkhauser, Nicolas Herault, Stephen Jenkins, Roger Wilkins "What accounts for the rising share of women in the top 1%?"

543 Gabriel Otero, Rafael Carranza, Dante Contreras "Spatial divisions of poverty and wealth: How much does segregation matter for educational achievement?"

542 Benoit Decerf, Francisco H.G. Ferreira, Daniel G. Mahelr, Olivier Sterck "Lives and Livelihoods: Estimates of the Global Mortality and Poverty Effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic"

541 Robert Duval-Hernandez, Gary S. Fields, George H. Jakubson "Inequality and Panel Income Changes: Conditions for Possibilities and Impossibilities"

540 Hai-Anh H. Dang, Peter F. Lanjouw "Welfare Dynamics in India over a Quarter Century: Poverty, Vulnerability, and Mobility during 1987-2012"

539 Kseniya Abanokova, Hai-Anh H. Dang, Michael M Lokshin "The Important Role of Equivalence Scales: Household Size, Composition, and Poverty Dynamics in the Russian Federation"

538 Satya R. Chakravarty, Palash Sarkar "New Perspectives on the Gini and Bonferroni Indices of Inequality"

537 Juan C. Palomino, Gustavo A. Marrero, Brian Nolan, Juan G. Rodriguez "Wealth inequality, intergenerational transfers and socioeconomic background"

536 Theresa Beltramo, Hai-Anh H.Dang, Ibrahima Sarr, Paolo Verme "Estimating Poverty Among Refugee Populations: A Cross-Survey Imputation Exercise for Chad"

535 Vladimi Hlasny, Lidia Ceriani, Paolo Verme
"Bottom Incomes and the Measurement of Poverty and Inequality"

534 Rafael Carranza
"Inequality of Outcomes, Inequality of Opportunity, and Economic Growth"

533 Amaia Palencia-Esteban, Coral del Rio
"The Earning Effects of Occupational Segregation in Europe: The Role of Gender and Migration Status"

532 Andrew A. Clark, Anthony Lepinteur
"A Natural Experiment on Job Insecurity and Fertility in France"

531 Suman Seth, Gaston Yalonetzky
"Prioritarian Evaluation of Well-being with an Ordinal Data"


530 Christopher Hoy, Franziska Mager "American Exceptionalism? Differences in the Elasticity of Preferences for Redistribution between the United States and Western Europe"

529 Maurizio Bussolo, Daniele Checchi, Vito Peragine "Long-Term Evolution of Inequality of Opportunity"

528 Martyna Kobus,  Marek Kapera,  Vito Peragine "Measuring multidimensional inequality of opportunity"

527 Hai-Anh H. Dang, Kseniya Abanokova, Michael M. Lokshin "Life Satisfaction, Subjective Wealth, and Adaptation to Vulnerability in the Russian Federation during 2002-2017"

526 Francesco Bloise, Paolo Brunori, Patrizio Piraino "Estimating intergenerational income mobility on sub-optimal data: a machine learning approach"

525 Luis Monroy-Gomez-Frano, Roberto Velez-Grajales "Skin tone differences in social mobility in Mexico: are we forgetting regional variance?"

524 Peng Nie, Andrew E. Clark, Conchita D'Ambrosio, Lanlin Ding "Income-related health inequality in urban China (1991-2015): The role of homeownership and housing conditions"


523 Michelle Acampora, Conchita D'Ambrosio, Markus Grabka "Income distribution and the fear of crime: evidence from Germany"

522 Moshe Justman, Hadas Stiassnie "Intergenerational mobility in lifetime income"

521 Paolo Verme "Which model for poverty predictions"

520 Nora Lustig "The "missing rich" in household surveys: causes and corrections approaches"


519 Mehdi El Herradi, Aurelin Leroy "Monetary policy and the top one percent: evidence from a century of modern economic history"

518 Andrea Brandolini, John  Micklewright "Tony Atkinson's new book - Measuring Poverty Around the World. Some further reflections"

517 Cristopher Hoy, Russel Toth, Nurina Merdikawati "How does information about inequality shape voting intentions and preferences for redistribution? Evidence from a randomized survey experiment in Indonesia"

516 Carmen Herrero, Antonio Villar "Opportunity advantage: a new approach to comparing income distributions"

515 Paolo Brunori, Caterina Francesca Guidi, Alain Trannoy "Ranking populations in terms of inequality in health opportunity: A flexible latent type approach"

514 Paolo Brunori, Guido Neidhofer "The evolution of inequality of opportunity in Germany: a machine learning approach"


513 Luis Ayala, Javier martin-Roman, Juan Vicente "The contribution of the spatial dimension to inequality: a counterfactual analysis for OECD countries"

512 Ravi Kanbur "In prise of snapshots"

511 Rafael Carranza "Upper and lower bound estimates of inequality of opportunity: a cross-national comparison for Europe"

510 Walter Bossert, Andew Clarck, Conchita D'Ambrosio, Anthony Lepinteur "Economic insecurity and the rise of the right"



509 Nora Lustig "Measuring the distributional impact of taxation and public spending: The practice of fiscal incidence analysis"

508 Francesco Andreoli and Javier Olivera "Preferences for redistribution and exposure to tax-benefit schemes in Europe"

507 Hai-Anh H. Dang "To impute or not to impute, and how? A review of alternative poverty estimation methods in the context of unavailable consumption data"

506 Pedro Salas-Rojo and Juan Gabriel Rodriguez "The distribution of wealth in the U.S. and Spain: the role of socio-economic factors"

505 Elena Barcena-Martin, Jacques Silber and Yuan Zhang "On the measurement of population weighted relative indices of mobility and convergence, with an illustration based on Chinese data"

504 Francesco Bloise and Michele Raitano "Intergenerational earnings elasticity of actual father-son pairs in Italy accounting for lifecycle and attenuation bias"

503 Osnat Peled and Jacques Silber "On the measurement of relative, absolute and intermediate pro-middle class growth"


502 Francesco Andreoli and Claudio Zoli "Robust dissimilarity comparisons with categorical outcomes"


501 Gustavo A. Marrero and Juan Gabriel Rodriguez "Inequality and growth: The cholesterol hypothesis"

500 Olga Canto, Carmelo Garcia-Perez and Marina Romaguera-de-la-Cruz "The dimension, nature and distribution of economic insecurity in European countries: A multidimensional approach"

499 Olga Canto, Inmaculada Cebrian and Gloria Moreno "Household precariousness and youth living arrangements in Spain: evidence for a complete business cycle"


498 Justin van de Ven and  Nicolas Hérault "The evolution of tax implicit value judgements, redistribution and income inequality in the UK: 1968 to 2015"


497 Vladimir Hlasny "Redistributive impacts of fiscal policies in Mexico: Corrections for top income measurement problems"

496 Andrea Brandolini and Alfonso Rosolia "The distribution of well-being among Europeans"


495 Hai-Anh H. Dang and Umar Serajuddin "Tracking the Sustainable Development Goals: Emerging measurement challenges and further reflections"

494 Christopher Hoy and Russell Toth "A false divide? Correcting beliefs about inequality aligns preferences for redistribution between right and left-wing voters"


493 Piera Mazzoleni, Elisa Pagani and Federico Perali "The curvature properties of social welfare functions"

492 Francesco Andreoli and Alessio Fusco "Robust cross-country analysis of inequality of opportunity"

491 Grant J. Cameron, Hai-Anh H. Dang, Mustafa Dinc, James Foster and Michael M. Lokshin "Measuring the statistical capacity of nations"


490 Lidia Ceriani and Paolo Verme "The inequality of extreme incomes"

489 Christopher Hoy and Franziska Mager "Why are relatively poor people not more supportive of redistribution? Evidence from a survey experiment across 10 countries"

488 Christian Düben and Melanie Krause "Population, light, and the size distribution of cities"

487 Luciana Méndez-Errico and Xavier Ramos "Selection and educational attainment: Why some children are left behind? Evidence from a middle-income country"

486 Geir B. Asheim, Walter Bossert, Conchita D’Ambrosio and Claus Vögele "The measurement of resilience"

485 Maurizio Bussolo, Daniele Checchi and Vito Peragine "Long-term evolution of inequality of opportunity"

484 Hai-Anh H. Dang, Michael M. Lokshin, Kseniya Abanokova and Maurizio Bussolo "Inequality and welfare dynamics in the Russian Federation during 1994-2015"

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483 Yang Song, Weixing Wu and Guangsu Zhou "Inequality of opportunity and household risky asset investment: Evidence from panel data in China"


482 Giorgio d'Agostino, Luca Pieroni and Margherita Scarlato "Further evidence of the relationship between social transfers and income  inequality in OECD countries"

481 Pierluigi Murro and Valentina Peruzzi "Cooperative banks and income inequality: Evidence from Italian provinces"


480 Paul Anand, Jere R. Behrman, Hai-Anh H. Dang and Sam Jones "Inequality of opportunity in education: Accounting for the contributions of Sibs, schools and sorting across East Africa"

479 Roberto Iacono and Marco Ranaldi "Sources of inequality in Italy"

478 Gustavo A. Marrero and Luis Servén "Growth, inequality and poverty: A robust relationship?"


477 Francesco Andreoli and Eugenio Peluso "So close yet so unequal: Neighborhood inequality in American cities"

476 Dirk Van de gaer and Flaviana Palmisano "Growth, mobility and social welfare"

475 Sean Higgins, Nora Lustig and Andrea Vigorito "The rich underreport their income: Assessing bias in inequality estimates and
correction methods using linked survey and tax data"

474 Niaz Asadullah, Alain Trannoy, Sandy Tubeuf and Gaston Yalonetzky "Fair and unfair educational inequality in a developing country: The role of pupil’s effort"


473 Franz Josef Radermacher and Estelle Herlyn "A 1-1-1 relationship for World Bank Income Data and the Gini"

472 Elena Bárcena and Olga Cantó "A simple subgroup decomposable measure of downward (and upward) income mobility"

471 Michal Brzezinski "Top incomes and subjective well-being"


470 Paul Hufe, Ravi Kanbur and Andreas Peichl "Measuring unfair inequality: Reconciling equality of opportunity and freedom from poverty"


469 Terhi Ravaska "Top incomes and income dynamics from a gender perspective: Evidence from Finland 1995-2012"

468 John Creedy, Norman Gemmell, Nicolas Hérault and Penny Mok "Microsimulation analysis of optimal income tax reforms. An application to New Zealand"

467 Quentin Lippmann and Claudia Senik "Math, girls and socialism"

466 Nancy H. Chau and Ravi Kanbur "Employer power, labor saving technical change, and inequality"


465 Nicolas Hérault and Stephen P. Jenkins "How valid are synthetic panel estimates of poverty dynamics?"

464 Joël Hellier "Globalization, income tax structure and the redistribution–progressivity tradeoff"

463 Vladimir Hlasny and Paolo Verme "Top incomes and inequality measurement: A comparative analysis of correction methods using the EU-SILC data"

462 Ravi Kanbur "On the volume of redistribution: Across income levels and across groups"


461 Martín Leites and Xavier Ramos "The effect of relative concern on life satisfaction: Relative deprivation and loss aversion"

460 Lidia Ceriani and Paolo Verme "Risk preferences and the decision to flee conflict"


459 Conchita D’Ambrosio, Andrew E. Clark and Marta Barazzetta "Unfairness at work: Well-being and quits"

458 Djeneba Doumbia "The quest for pro-poor and inclusive growth: The role of governance"

457 B. Essama-Nssah "Assessing the performance of targeting mechanisms"

456 Hai-Anh Dang, Dean Jolliffe and Calogero Carletto "Data gaps, data incomparability, and data imputation: A review of poverty measurement methods for data-scarce environments"


455 Paolo Brunori, Paul Hufe and Daniel Gerszon Mahler "The roots of inequality: Estimating inequality of opportunity from regression trees"

454 Nizamul Islam and Ugo Colombino "The case for negative income tax with flat tax in Europe. An empirical optimal taxation exercise"

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453 Melanie Krause and Stefan Szymanski "Convergence vs. the middle income trap: The case of global soccer"


452 Vladimir Hlasny and Paolo Verme "The impact of top incomes biases on the measurement of inequality in the United States"

451 Alexandros Theloudis "Consumption inequality across heterogeneous families"

450 Xavier Ramos and Dirk Van de gaer "Is inequality of opportunity robust to the measurement approach?"


449 Aboozar Hadavand "Misperceptions and mismeasurements: An analysis of subjective economic inequality"

448 Marina Romaguera de la Cruz "Economic insecurity in Spain: A multidimensional analysis"

447 Franck M. Adoho and Djeneba Doumbia "Informal sector heterogeneity and income inequality: Evidence from the Democratic Republic of Congo"


446 Philipp Poppitz "Can subjective data improve inequality measurement? A multidimensional index of economic inequality"


445 Manfred Krtscha "Some axiomatics of inequality measurement, with specific reference to intermediate indices"

444 Daniel Gerszon Mahler and Xavier Ramos "Equality of opportunity for well-being"

443 Guido Neidhöfer, Joaquín Serrano and Leonardo Gasparini "Educational inequality and intergenerational mobility in Latin America: A new database"


442 Jean-Francois Carpantier, Javier Olivera and Philippe Van Kerm "Macroprudential policy and household wealth inequality"

441 Esther Hauk, Monica Oviedo and Xavier Ramos "Perception of corruption and public support for redistribution in Latin America"


440 Nanak Kakwani, Shi Li, Xiaobing Wang and Mengbing Zhu "Evaluating the effectiveness of the Rural Minimum Living Standard Guarantee (Dibao) program in China"

439 Yang Song and Guangsu Zhou "Inequality of opportunity and household education expenditures: Evidence from panel data in China"

438 John A. Bishop, Jonathan M. Lee and Lester A. Zeager "Incorporating spatial price adjustments in U.S. public policy analysis"


437 Elena Bárcena-Martín, M. Carmen Blanco-Arana and Salvador Pérez-Moreno "Dynamics of child poverty in the European countries"

436 Ana Suárez Álvarez and Ana Jesús López Menéndez "Income inequality and inequality of opportunity in Europe. Are they on the rise?"

435 Martin Ravallion "Inequality and globalization: A review essay"

434 Luc Christiaensen, Joachim De Weerdt and Ravi Kanbur "Cities, towns, and poverty: Migration equilibrium and income distribution in a Todaro-type model with multiple destinations"

433 Ravi Kanbur, Yue Wang and Xiaobo Zhang "The great Chinese inequality turnaround"

432 Ravi Kanbur and Andy Snell "Inequality indices as tests for fairness"


431 Martyna Kobus and Radoslaw Kurek "Copula-based measurement of interdependence for discrete distributions"

430 Antonio Abatemarco and Francesca Stroffolini "The economics of justice as fairness"

429 John A. Bishop, Jonathan Lee and Lester A. Zeager "Improving the Supplemental Poverty Measure: Two proposals"


428 Nora Lustig "Fiscal policy, income redistribution and poverty reduction in low and middle income countries"


427 Ivica Urban "Measuring income redistribution: beyond the proportionality standard"

426 Carlos Gradín "Segregation of women into low-paying occupations in the US"

2016January - February -  MarchAprilMay - JuneAugustSeptemberOctober  - November  - December


425 Coral del Río and Olga Alonso-Villar "Occupational segregation by sexual orientation in the U.S.: Exploring its economic effects on same-sex couples"

424 Walter Bossert, Burak Can and Conchita D'Ambrosio "A head-count measure of rank mobility and its directional decomposition"

423 Ana Suárez Álvarez and Ana Jesús López Menéndez "Inequality of opportunity and income inequality in Spain: An analysis over time"

422 Walter Bossert and Conchita D'Ambrosio "Economic insecurity and variations in resources"


421 Martina Menon, Federico Perali and Eva Sierminska "An asset-based indicator of wellbeing for a unified means testing tool:\\ Money metric or counting approach?"

420 Gaston Yalonetzky "The necessary requirement of median independence for relative bipolarisation  measurement"

419 Gaston Yalonetzky "The benchmark of maximum relative bipolarisation"


418 Nora Lustig "Fiscal policy, inequality and the poor in the developing world"

417 Ali Enami, Nora Lustig and Alireza Taqdiri "Fiscal policy, inequality and poverty in Iran: Assessing the impact and effectiveness of taxes and transfers"

416 Jon Jellema, Nora Lustig, Astrid Haas and Sebastian Wolf "The impact of taxes, transfers, and subsidies on inequality and poverty in Uganda"

415 Jingyi Huang, Yumei Guo and Yang Song "Intergenerational transmission of education in China: Pattern, mechanism, and policies"

414 Silvia Avram and Olga Cantó "Labour outcomes and family background: Evidence from the EU during the recession"

413 Richard Bluhm,  Denis de Crombrugghe and Adam Szirmai "Poverty Accounting. A fractional response approach to poverty decomposition"

412 Nora Lustig and Daniel Teles "Inequality convergence: How sensitive are results to the choice of data?"

411 Juan C. Palomino, Gustavo A. Marrero and Juan G. Rodríguez "Channels of inequality of opportunity: The role of education and occupation in Europe"


410 Elena Bárcena-Martín, M. Carmen Blanco-Arana and Salvador Pérez-Moreno "Assessing the impact of social transfer income packages on child poverty in European countries: Pro-child targeting vs pro-poor targeting"

409 Cesar Calvo "Vulnerability to poverty: Theory"


408 Alain Trannoy "Equality of Opportunity: A progress report"

407 Masato Okamoto "Mincer earnings regression in the form of the double Pareto-lognormal model"

406 Paolo Brunori, Vito Peragine and Laura Serlenga "Upward and downward bias when measuring inequality of opportunity"


405 Luis Ayala and Elena Bárcena-Martín "A unified approach for measuring welfare protection under a decentralized framework"

404 Marek Kosny and Gaston Yalonetzky "Relative p-bipolarisation measurement with generalised means and hybrid Lorenz curves"

403 Hosnieh Mahoozi "Growth elasticity of monetary and non-monetary poverty: an application to Iran"


402 J. Ignacio Giménez-Nadal, Lucia Mangiavacchi and Luca Piccoli "Mobility across generations of the gender distribution of housework"

401 Gaston Yalonetzky "Robust ordinal inequality comparisons with Kolm-independent measures"


400 Joachim Merz and Tim Rathjen "Entrepreneurs and freelancers: Are they time and income multidimensional poor?  The German case"

399 Lidia Ceriani and Chiara Gigliarano "Multidimensional well-being: A Bayesian Networks approach"


398 Suman Seth and Gaston Yalonetzky "Has the world converged? A robust analysis of non-monetary bounded indicators"

397 Rajius Idzalika and Maria C. Lo Bue "Opportunities in education: are factors outside individual responsibility really persistent? Evidence from Indonesia, 1997-2007"

396 Antonio Abatemarco "Evaluating economic mobility under opportunity egalitarianism"

395 Abdelkrim Araar and Paolo Verme "Prices and welfare"


394 Arnaud Lefranc and Alain Trannoy "Equality of Opportunity: How to encompass Fifty Shades of Luck"

393 Gabriella Berloffa, Eleonora Matteazzi and Paola Villa "Family background and youth labour market outcomes across Europe"

392 Gabriella Berloffa, Eleonora Matteazzi, Alina Sandor and Paola Villa "Youth employment security and labour market institutions: a dynamic perspective"


391 Antonio Abatemarco "Doing Rawls justice: Evidence from the PSID"

390 Paolo Brunori, Flaviana Palmisano and Vito Peragine "Inequality of opportunity in Sub-Saharan Africa"

389 Carina Engelhardt and Andreas Wagener "What do Germans think and know about income inequality? A survey experiment"

2015January - FebruaryMarch - April - June - JulyAugust - September - October - November - December


388 Dirk Van de gaer and Xavier Ramos "Measurement of inequality of opportunity based on counterfactuals"

387 Yadira Díaz "Differences in needs and multidimensional deprivation measurement"

386 Koen Decancq "Measuring multidimensional inequality in the OECD Member Countries with a distribution-sensitive Better Life Index"

385 Dominik Hanglberger and Joachim Merz "Does self-employment really raise job satisfaction? Adaptation and anticipation effects on self-employment and general job changes"


384 Alain Trannoy "Inequality and welfare: Is Europe special?"

383 Nanak Kakwani and Hyun H. Son "Social rate of return: A new tool for evaluating social programs"

382 Francisco H. G. Ferreira, Nora Lustig and Daniel Teles "Appraising cross-national income inequality databases: An introduction"


381 Daniela Piazzalunga and Maria Laura Di Tommaso "The increase of the gender wage gap  in Italy during the 2008-2012 economic crisis"

380 Nanak Kakwani and Hyun H. Son "Income inequality and social well-being"

379 Jan Behringer and Till van Treeck "Income distribution and the current account: a sectoral perspective"

378 Coral del Río and Olga Alonso-Villar "Segregation and social welfare"

377 Shatakshee Dhongde and Jacques Silber "On Distributional change, Pro-poor growth and Convergence"


376 Marc Fleurbaey,  Vito Peragine and Xavier Ramos "Ex post inequality of opportunity comparisons"

375 Flaviana Palmisano "Evaluating patterns of income growth when status matters: a robust approach"

374 Marta Barazzetta "The asymmetric effect of expectations on subjective well-being"


373 Salvador Balle, Lucia Mangiavacchi, Luca Piccoli and Amedeo Spadaro "Tax evasion and the optimal non-linear labour income taxation"

372 René Cabral, Rocío García-Díaz and André Varella Mollick "Does globalization affect top income inequality?"

371 Nanak Kakwani and Hyun H. Son "Global poverty estimates based on 2011 purchasing power parity: Where should the new poverty line be drawn?"

370 Nanak Kakwani and Hyun H. Son "Measuring food insecurity: Global estimates"


369 Martin Ravallion "Are the world’s poorest being left behind?"

368 Florent Bresson, Jean-Yves Duclos and Flaviana Palmisano "Intertemporal pro-poorness"

367 Martin Ravallion "Inequality when effort matters" 

3666 Alex Cobham, Luke Schlogl and Andy Sumner "Inequality and the tails: The Palma proposition and ratio revised"


365 Peter Edward and Andy Sumner "New estimates of global poverty and inequality: How much difference do price data really make?" 

364 Paolo Brunori "The perception of inequality of opportunity in Europe"


363 Sean Higgins and Nora Lustig "Can a poverty-reducing and progressive tax and transfer system hurt the poor?" 

362 Robert Duval Hernandez, Gary S. Fields and George H. Jakubson "Changing income inequality and panel income changes"

361 José V. Gallegos and Gaston Yalonetzky "Robust `pro-poorest' poverty reduction with counting measures: The anonymous case" 


360 Silvia Bortot, Ricardo Alberto Marques Pereira and Thuy Nguyen "On the binomial decomposition of OWA functions, the 3-additive case in n dimensions" 

359 Francisco H. G. Ferreira and Vito Peragine  "Equality of opportunity: Theory and evidence


358 Leena Kalliovirta and Tuomas Malinen "Nonlinearity and cross-country dependence of income inequality" 

357 Vincenzo Carrieri and Vito Peragine  "Decomposing inequality `at work': Cross-country evidence from EU-SILC


356 Francesco Andreoli, Giorgia Casalone and Daniela Sonedda "An empirical assessment of households sorting into private schooling under public education provision" 

355 Joël Hellier and Ekaterina Kalugina  "Globalization and the working poor

354 Peter J. Lambert and S. Subramanian  "Shaikh and Ragab's `Incomes of the Vast Majority': Some additions and extensions

353 Michal Brzezinski  "Inequality of opportunity in Europe before and after the Great Recession

352 Olga Alonso-Villar and Coral del Río  "Mapping the occupational segregation of white women in the U.S.: Differences across metropolitan areas

2014January -  February -  March - April - May - June - AugustSeptember - OctoberNovember - December


351 José V. Gallegos and Gastón Yalonetzky "Robust 'pro-poorest' poverty reduction with counting measures: the non-anonymous case" 

350 Walter Bossert and Conchita D'Ambrosio  "Measuring rank mobility with variable population size


349 Juan C. Palomino, Gustavo A. Marrero and Juan G. Rodríguez "One size doesn't fit all: A quantile analysis of intergenerational income mobility in the US (1980-2010)"

348 Paolo Brunori, Flaviana Palmisano and Vito Peragine "Income taxation and equity: New dominance criteria and an application to Romania"

347 Elena Dalla Chiara, Eleonora Matteazzi and Ilaria Petrarca "From the glass door to the glass ceiling: An analysis of the gender wage gap by age groups"

346 Amlan Majumder "An alternative measure of economic inequality in the light of optics"


345 Olga Cantó and David O. Ruiz "The contribution of income mobility to economic insecurity in the US and Spain during the Great Recession"

344 Lucia Mangiavacchi, Federico Perali and Luca Piccoli "Intrahousehold distribution in migrant-sending families"

343 Maynor Cabrera, Nora Lustig and Hilcias E. Moran "Fiscal policy, inequality and the ethnic divide in Guatemala"

342 Rolf Aaberge and Andrea Brandolini "Social evaluation of deprivation count distributions"


341 Sripad Motiram and Karthikeya Naraparaju "Unemployment burden and its distribution: Theory and evidence from India"

340 Satya R. Chakravarty and Bhargav Maharaj "New constest success functions"

339 Nathalie Chusseau and Joël Hellier "Globalization and social segmentation"


338 Ravi Kanbur and Adam Wagstaff "How useful is inequality of opportunity as a policy construct?"

337 Juan Mauricio Ramirez, Yadira Diaz and Juan Guillermo Bedoya "Decentralization in Colombia: Searching for social equity in a bumpy economic geography"


336 Karolin Kirschenmann, Tuomas Malinen and Henri Nyberg "The risk of financial crises: Is it in real or financial factors?"


335 H. G. Ferreira, Christoph Lakner, Maria Ana Lugo and Berk Özler "Inequality of opportunity and economic growth: A cross-country analysis"

334 Javier Olivera "Preferences for redistribution after the economic crisis"

333 Miriam Rehm, Kai D. Schmid and Dieter Wang "Why has inequality in Germany not risen further after 2005?"

332 Martin Ravallion "The Luxembourg Income Study"

331 Jorge Alberto Charles Coll "Inequality and growth in the context of the Mexican economy: Does inequality matter for growth?"


330 Thomas Beissinger, Nathalie Chusseau and Joël Hellier "Offshoring, employment, labour market reform and inequality: Modelling the German experience"

329 Eva Schlenker and Kai D. Schmid "Capital income shares and income inequality in the European Union"

328 Asis Kumar Banerjee "Multidimensional Lorenz dominance: A definition and an example"


327 Gustavo A. Marrero and Juan G. Rodríguez "Inequality and development: the role of opportunities and free-will"

326 Martyna Kobus "Multidimensional polarization for ordinal data"

325 Martyna Kobus "On the measurement of polarization for ordinal data"

324 Anthony B. Atkinson and Salvatore Morelli "Chartbook of economics inequality"


323 Coral del Río and Olga Alonso-Villar "The evolution of occupational segregation in the U.S., 1940-2010: The gains and losses of gender-race/ethnicity groups"

322 Arsen Palestini and Giuseppe Pignataro "Cost of inequality, the uniform rule and cooperative games"


321 Lidia Ceriani and Paolo Verme "Individual diversity and the Gini decomposition"

320 Coral del Río and Olga Alonso-Villar "Local segregation and well-being"

319 Markus Jäntti and Stephen P. Jenkins "Income mobility"

2013 -  JanuaryFebruaryMarchAprilMay - August - September - October - November   


318 Gaston Yalonetzky "Relative bipolarization quasi-ordering based on Between-Group Gini (BGG) curves"

317 Paolo Brunori, Francisco Ferreira, Maria Ana Lugo and Vito Peragine "Opportunity-sensitive poverty measurement"

316 Higgins, Nora Lustig, Whitney Ruble and Timothy Smeeding "Comparing the incidence of taxes and social spending in Brazil and the United States"

315 Nora Lustig, Florencia Amabile, Marisa Bucheli, George Gray Molina, Sean Higgins, Miguel Jaramillo, Wilson Jiménez Pozo, Veronica Paz Arauco, Claudiney Pereira, Carola Pessino, Máximo Rossi, John Scott, and Ernesto Yañez Aguilar "The impact of taxes and social spending on inequality and poverty in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay: An overview"

314 Flaviana Palmisano and Dirk Van de gaer "History dependent growth incidence: A characterisation and an application to the economic crisis in Italy"

313 B. Ben-Halima, Nathalie Chusseau and Joël Hellier "Skill premia and intergenerational education mobility: The French case"

312 Elise S. Brezis and Joël Hellier "Social mobility at the top: Why are elites self-reproducing?"

311 Olivier Godechot and Claudia Senik "Wage comparisons in and out of the firm. Evidence from a matched employer-employee French database"


310 Francesco Andreoli and Arnaud Lefranc "Equalization of opportunity: Definitions and implementable conditions"

309 Essama-Nssah and Peter J. Lambert "Counterfactual decomposition of pro-poorness using influence functions"

308 Alex Cobham and Andrew Sumner "Is it all about the tails? The Palma measure of income inequality"


307 Jurgen Faik and Uwe Fachinger "The decomposition of well-being categories: An application to Germany"

306 Jurgen Faik "Cross-sectional and longitudinal equivalence scales for West Germany based on subjective data on life satisfaction"

305 Silvia Bortot and Ricardo Alberto Marques Pereira "The binomial Gini inequality indices and the binomial decomposition of welfare functions"

304 Olga Alonso-Villar and Coral del Rio "The occupational segregation of Black women in the United States: A look at its evolution from 1940 to 2010"


303 Vladimir Hlasny and Paolo Verme "Top incomes and the measurement of inequality in Egypt"

302 Peter Edward and Andy Sumner "Inequality from a global perspective: An alternative approach"

301 Nancy Daza and Luis Fernando Gamboa "Informal-formal wage gaps in Colombia"

300 Satya R. Chakravarty, Nachiketa Chattopadhyay and Conchita D’Ambrosio "On a family of achievement and shortfall inequality indices"

299 Javier Olivera and Blanca Zuluaga "The ex-ante effects of non-contributory pensions in Colombia and Peru"

298 Amlan Majumder and Takayoshi Kusago "A discreet approach to study the distribution-free downward biases of Gini coefficient and the methods of correction in cases of small observations"




297 Joachim Merz and Bettina Scherg "Polarization of time and income - a multidimensional approach with well-being gap and minimum 2DGAP: German evidence "  


296 Michal Brzezinzki "Income polarization and economic growth"  




295 Francesco Andreoli "Inference for inverse stochastic dominance"  


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